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You will find our lineup of automotive bottles to be a great fit for your small bottle needs for oils, lubricants and additives. We currently provide quart bottles with or without a view stripe, a completely redesigned dual-chamber bottle for easy measuring and dispensing, and various sizes of cone-top additive bottles. Bottles are made from HDPE and are available in a range of colors.

Style Nominal Capacity Pcs/Bundle or Carton Pcs/Pallet or Floor Available Colors
9013 – 12 oz. Carafe 12 oz. 486 124,416
9018 – 16 oz. Carafe 16 oz. 468 119,808

New 9028 – Quart Oil Bottle w/view stripe (Custom colors are available)
32 oz. 196 50,176
7500 – Measure Top Dual Chamber

16 oz. lower chamber

2.6 oz. upper chamber stock number 7500

4 oz. upper chamber stock number 7501

130 2,080

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Custom colors available for all products.

Stock Specialty Containers